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Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Lessons Canada! Toronto Ontario Canada, Cherry Beach, Ashbridges Bay, Woodbine Beach, Hanlans Beach, Lake Simcoe and More.
The Days Inn Beaches is just a walk away from Woodbine Beach (Torontos Largest Beach) and close to PBK. The Days in is also situated on Queen Street for an easy Street Car ride to Downtown Toronto.

An short walk East for more shopping in the Beaches. Wonderful small town feel with a variety of store front shops, restaurants and bars.
DAYS INN Beaches
Where to Stay in Toronto Close to PBK and the Beaches?
PBK Radio Controlled Lessons. Learn 45% Faster!

Kite with a Pro (PBK Paul)
Reserved for Customers who purchased their Gear Package from PBK.
$400 each +hst save $20 each for 2+ people
2 Max

We save the Best Wind Days for our Customers to help them progress faster than ever. Learn new tricks and Kite with a Pro and get to the Next Level.
PBK5 can also help you with the problems you may have riding. Questions?
We Have Answers.
Payment due at start of Lesson..
Add $100 for Keswick 45min from Toronto.
This lesson is suited to those who would like to spend more time at each level with Paul, our lead instructor, to learn specific techniques, ie:

Staying upwind, jumping, Jybing (etc).
Kite with a Pro is also great to introduce you to the ins and outs of new kiting location from an advanced kiters point of view....

PBK's Instructor can help pin point any bad habit you may have and cut the learning curve....

- Advanced Lessons
- Boosting High
- Front Rolls
- Back Rolls, Kite Loops
- Blind Side Riding
- Dark Side Slides
- Unhooked tricks

Optional Zodiac support for those who want to get to the next level of riding, faster... Fall as much as you. Most beginners will go downwind while learning to Kiteboard, especially in lighter winds... Even Intermediates and Advanced riders can't stay upwind when the wind is light or too strong.... Optional for an additional fee for
Lessons will only operate when weather conditions are suitable and may take place at various locations in Ontario.
Please contact PBK Lessons should you have any further questions after reading this page in full.
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