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PBK is a Specialty Shop for a Specialty Sport, Kiting. We spend a great deal of time on the snow or water testing gear, teaching and just keeping up with the sport so we can maintain a great knowledge base. PBK is located Downtown East Toronto near Queen and Carlaw 5 minutes from Woodbine and Cherry Beach.

Why are we so knowledgable?

We're Advanced Certified Kiters. We kiteboard in light winds and strong winds. We Snowkite with a snowboard or Ski in light winds and Storms. See out local Movies.
Kiteboarding is an Extreme Sport NOT to be confused with Windsurfing. This is a Specialty Sport...

The PBK site has a great deal of info, pictures, video and a lessons & repair page. Browse the site and the lessons page. Feel free to call anytime.

Typically Kiters pick up gear or repaired kites before 10am or in the evening if it's windy during the day... since we're out there, actually doing the sport. The PBK Shop is also a great place to try on your drysuits, boots and other Gear in a relaxing Friendly Atmosphere.
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