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ABoards Glider

The Aboards GLIDER with a 3D top deck is a dedicated board for light wind conditions for those who want to kite while others are staying on shore and for teaching in kiteschools to allow fast progression with a bigger and wider board. Over the past seasons this board has exploded in popularity among schools and in countries with dominating lighter winds. The Aboards GLIDER has special reverse side-radius outline for light wind. Unlike conventional twintips which have only rear to central part of the board’s side in the water during edging, the special snowboard like outline of The Aboards GLIDER ensures that its edge has contact with water along maximum length and does its most to direct the rider upwind.

The Aboards GLIDER features reinforced airex+wood core for maximum strength and light weight in central part and various flex levels at tips. Special anti-scratch cover and ABS bumper rails ensure maximum strength and durability at reasonable weight.

Not just for Beginners... Our Experienced Kiters use the Glider for tricks, big Jumps, Cruising upwind like crazy! All with Smooth riding in Chop with the great Shock Absorbing 3D Flexi Tips. Also great for Landings!
147 x 45
164 x 50
 Aboards Glider Jumping
Aboards Glider Jumping
ABoards Glider Gallery
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PBK to a Friend
PBK Paul on the Glider 164x50. Not just for Beginners...
Want to Jump and do tricks? You need to be able to go Upwind!
Aboards Glider    147 - 154 - 164
Best Lightwind Board!!
Everyone Loves it!!

For Beginners to Pro...
PBK Paul on the Glider 164x50. Not just for Beginners...
And the Ozone Zephyr 17m (Power)!
2013 Aboards Glider 164 154 147 Kiteboarding Kiteboards Canada USA
2013 Aboards Glider 164 154 147 Kiteboarding Kiteboards Canada USA
Riding features of The Aboards GLIDER:
light wind / school board
comfortable and relaxed riding
stability and control
early planning
outmost upwind performance
easy maneuvering
great floatation for heavy riders and beginners
bright and visible in the water (with green neon fins)

Technology features of Aboards GLIDER:
reverse side-radius (snowboard like) outline for maximum upwind
extra width and length
combined airex+wood core for maximum strength and light weight
3D top deck with 3-stage flex
multidirectional flex at tips
anti-spray cuts
glossy top sheet finishing
durable anti-scratch cover
ABS bumper rails
3 stance positions

PBK Student, Lukas learning to Kiteboarding on his first day on the water!
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