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Ozone UNO Inflatable Trainer Kites 2.5m.  Works with any 4 Line Depower Bar
Inflatable 2.5m Kiteboarding Trainer Kite (kite Only)

Simple and Effective!
Water - Land - Snow

Can be used with any Ozone
Depower Water Kite Bar.

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Ozone set out to design a simple, affordable and robust inflatable depower trainer.

The Uno is a unique design, with only one strut it is an ideal kitesurf trainer for schools, operating and functioning the same as a larger inflatable water kite. It is also perfect for any kiter to have as a fun addition to his/her quiver to get family and friends into kiting. The Uno is a lightweight package, at only 1.3 kg it is easy to travel with and keep in the car.

The Uno trainer is responsive, smooth and stable. It comes in one size (2.5m), with enough power to ensure beginners will be ready to progress to the next level. The Uno works with the standard Ozone 4 line kitesurf bar, allowing an easy progression onto a larger Ozone water kite after learning the basics with the Uno.first lessons on land.
Uno Gallery
The Uno is great for teaching because the student can learn how to use the safety systems and how to re-launch with ease, using the same bar system as on the larger Ozone water kites. Schools can now teach students in high winds in the water, without having to sacrifice functionality of an inflatable kite. It can also be used for first lessons on land.
Kite Only