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Ozone Flow Trainers Kite! The Best Trainer Kite with 4 Lines and a Loop!
Complete Kite
- Inner Bag
- Outer Bag
- Bar
- Lines
- Safety Leash
Ozone Flow Trainer Kites
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The BEST Kiteboarding Trainer & Use for Snowkiting and Landkiting!

Top of the 4 Line trainer for a great price.

- High end Loop to Hook into
  A Harness (Exclusive)

- 4 Colored Lines Safety!

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Complete Items:
All Ozone Kites Flows!
NOTE:Having a loop on your Ozone Trainer Kite will help you to cut the Kiteboarding learning curve by allowing you to get a feel for hooking and and practicing releasing your safety.

Being hooked in will also allow you to kite longer and have more fun, either on the Beach, Snowkiting or Lanboarding.

Continue to use your Trainer Kite to practice and keep in shape for Kiteboarding when there is not enough wind to go on the water.

Also keep it in case you have a friend that wants to give it a go.

*Full Mesh Covered Leading Edge for the most efficient foil you can get! It also helps keep sand snow out. (see below) Ozone Paragliding Design background for high end transferable design. As well, Ozone owns their own factory for the best quality control.
Ozone Kite Napsack Bag: Waterproof canvas and tough construction backpack. Velcro bar holder and Shoulder Straps.
Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. *Colour-coded for safety and ease of use and they show up on snow as well for Snowkiting setup.
Ozone Kite:
Factory Folded with Bridals.
Ozone Control Bar:
4-Line control bar with safety system, trim adjustment and quick release chickenloop. Complete with EVA covered 3D grip with easy to identify colours for left or right side and single webbing safety wrist leash with release handle connected to rear lines for easy and effective stall system. Loop like the larger Ozone Instincts.
Ozone Manual:
Detailed Graphics and Instruction Booklet with Ozone stickers, key chain, fabric patches.
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Product Shots
Rather a Depower Kite? Get the
Ozone Access 4m or 6m as a high end Snow/Land Kite used as a trainer as well.

4 Replacement Lines for Imp or Flow and other 3 or 4 line Kites.
Mesh Covered Leading Edge:
All Ozone Flows have Mesh Covered Leading Edge air entry cells which helps to keep sand and snow out as well as providing a very clear airflow over the leading edge. This make the kite fly better to the edge of the window with a greater wind range and more pull per size kite.

Highest Quality Tranier Kite you can get.
Pro Loop: The Flow has a Pro Megatron Loop with a *Safety Release just like the larger Ozone Kiteboarding and Snow Kites. Get used to the pull while flying your trainer to make Kiteboarding easier to learn later
Flow 3m in Action:
Ozone Flow Trainer Kites Land Kites Colors Canada USA
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