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Woosports Canada Woo 2.0 Sports Canada Woo Canada! Measure your Jumps, Boosts Hangtime! Our Customers are jumping High! More Info to Come!
C 2018
Fantastic Session on Lake Simoce. Magical to be able to record the event! Height, Jumps, Session time and more.
PBK Paul Boosting on Lake Simcoe. Flysurfer Speed 4 12m Lotus.
PBK Paul Boosting during Labor Day Long Weekend while watching the Airshow!

Fantastic Toronto 4hr 285 jumps, Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Session on my Feather Light Speed 4 12m Lotus, with 100's of Boats with the Spectacular Airshow between Hanlans and Humber! Lots of People Enjoying this Labour Day Long Weekend! Lovn Summer!
PBK Paul
Fantastic Windy Day in Ontario. PBK Paul was in the lead for a day along with Customers

Many PBK Customers show up on a regular basis. Highest Boosting for the wind we get, flying the Best Equipment!
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PBK Paul Boosting at Woodbine Beach in Toronto!

Fantastic Toronto almost 8hr Session at Woodbine Beach. Ontario Kiteboarding is now even better with Woo Tracking!

PBK Paul
PBK Paul Boosting Lake Simcoe Ontario!

513 Jumps and a long 5h 38m Wild Session on a Flysurfer Speed 4 15m Lotus. Taking the wind while we can get it....!
PBK Paul
PBK Paul, Another Great Session on Lake Simcoe!
361 jumps, Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Session on my Speed 4 12m Lotus on Lake Simcoe. What a Blast!
PBK Paul
Customers Sessions to come

PBK Customers are consistently jumping the highest in Ontario and many days on a Global level.

*Highest in the World in Lighter Winds on our highly efficient foil Kites. More info to Come!
PBK Paul Boosting in Toronto Flysurfer Speed 4 10m Lotus.
Thrilling Session to remember thanks to the Woosports Canada. Boosting over 45ft is exhiliration. Kiteboarding has never been so much fun! Buidling ever lasting memories of our Sessions was only a dream until now!
Shot by Shaun!

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In The Box:
PBK Paul Using the Woo to Record great Memories to share with others on Woo!

Lake Simcoe Session with 372 Jumps during a 3hr 25m Session.
Ontario is such a Great Place for Kiteboarding.
Most kiting in
Toronto and
some Sessions
withing an hour of
Toronto, such as this Session.
Woo is a 9 Axis Accelerometer you place on your board!

Woo logs your Session Time, Height, Total Hieght, Hangtime, every single jumps litsed and more!
It's fun to see your Sessions and personal Bests along with other kiters sessions from around the world!

Woo works with Phone and Pads, Apple IOS and Android 
See Lukas Kiteboarding
Humber Bay Toronto

Lukas's Stats coming up soon for this session. Kiteboarding in Toronto's West Side at Humber Bay on his Flysurfer Sonic FR 15m.  There is nothing like seeing Lukas's great success in Kiteboarding over the years from his first lesson flying a trainer kite with PBK and Water Lessons soon after. Lukas has had some incredible journeys with his kites including circumnavigation a Tropical Island and various other spectacular outdoor adventures. He is also an accomplished photographer. See his blog here:
See Jason and Matt Kiteboarding Cherry Beach Toronto
Jason on his Flysurfer Sonic FR 18m. Matt on his Speed 15m having a great time boosting. See Jasons WOO Stats in this Video.
See Kathi Cruising on her Flysurfer Speed 15m. Sibbald Point is a Location where the best gear helps us all to make the best use of this location. Power Needed when you least expect it to get back from the Sand Isles.

Fantastic Flysurfer Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Beautiful Sibbald Point Provincial Park, Georgina Island, Sand Isles Fall Colors Lake Simcoe Ontario Canada Fall Colors!

Kiters on the Beach, Kent Setting up his Speed 4 15m. Freds 21m on the Beach. Kathi kiting on her sweet Speed 3 15m. Shaun on his 21m upwinding.

Cumulative Jumping Per Session "Total Height" is a Fantastic Challenging Metric for Anyone around the World to Attempt in 1 Session. For Example The CN Tower is 553.33 High. Beleive it or not, a Kiteboarder can jump 9.33cn. 9.33 CN Towers High!

HOO on WOO will hit 10cn?
From a few jumps to hundreds, WOO is there tracking your progress and fun sessions over tIme.

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