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KITEBOARDING Toronto Ontario Canada Kite Shop Lessons and Repair

Best Service for Customers at PBK.

Worldwide Ship and Support. Give us a call and learn faster and safer right from the start. See PBK Paul and some of our Customers on PBK  Youtube Channel.

Kiteboarding Toronto Ontario, Canada Kite Shop Lessons and repair and snowboarding with a Kite. Similar to windsurfing , surfing , paragliding , skateboarding and sailing into one extreme sport .
PBK Sells all the Ozone Kites! Fone and other brands! Contact PBK for the Latest & Best Prices...
Ozone Kites Toronto Ontario Canada
All the Gear you Need. 
#1 Pro ONE STOP Shop!

A kiteboarder harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water, land, or snow. Join us at PBKiteboarding for a rush with the wind!

-Who has high end knowledge?
-Expert advice - Not just an operator or store clerk.
-Who will repair your kites?
-Who will help with parts,
bladders, lines, bridals?
-Who will help with lessons?
PBK success, is your success!

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The gift of kiting! That keeps on giving! Green power! At PBK, We have you covered. Talk to "highly" knowledgable pro kiters.
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At PBKiteboarding is a kiteboarding store & shop that sells a variety of kiteboarding and kitesurfing kites in Toronto Ontario Canada and to the USA. Kiteboarding is one of the latest water sports!

We sell the best inflatable and foil kites in Canada, such as Ozone Kite, Fone kites and many kiteboards and hydrofoils. We also offer kite repairs, certified lessons to help ensure our customers enjoy the sport to its fullest! Contact PBK
KITEBOARDING Toronto Ontario, Canada Kite Shop Lessons and Repair