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Most of the time lessons are one on one for best results. Save a little if you plan to bring friends. I never do large groups or put strangers together. Call 416-462-3791 for details and prices.

2.5hrs Fly a trainer on the snow or beach Toronto 4 students max.

.5hrs PBK EDT- Exclusive Detailed Theory + Drawings
2 hrs Flying the Trainer kite
Start PBK1 All Seasons on the trainer in Toronto
Call for details and pricing. Paul 416-462-3791
To take place at in Toronto or with snow and ice at Keswick on Lake Simcoe
PBK1 is the way safest way to get started. Kiteboarding is 85% Kite Flying. PBK theory and flying skills will help you move ahead faster and safer.

+*Fly a Foil Trainer Kite: Land Training Only. Learn Faster and safer before moving on...All Gear included...
Bring Payment for Lessons Start...

• Introduction to Kiteboarding.• Basic Safety Rules and Common Sense, Acceptable Behavior
• Terminology & Correct Kite Setup
• Understanding the "Wind Window"
• Gaining control of the kite in the Wind Window, general kite flying, safe launching & landing.
• Various important information directly related to Kiteboarding... (Very important) before moving on to PBK 2-3

We cover more Detailed kite flying, that relates to Kiteboarding. The average person flies a trainer on the beach. A PBK Student learns the complexity of specific training for Kiteboarding.

Larger Water Kite Setup. Launch and Land and Self Rescue & Hand Signals

• Prerequisite:
Customer that purchased there gear from PBK always come first as I am very loyal to them.

Learning the Self Rescue is a Must! What do you do when you get stuck out there?
If you want to learn Kiteboarding on your own we have a DVD Progressions Beginner that can help and the Best  3 & 4 Line Trainer Kites with a Loop to hook into a harness. Ozone Ignition Trainer Kites

Learn about safety, self rescue, launch, land, relaunch. LEI (Leading Edge Inflatable Kite):
Open to everyone interested. Safety system and how to set up, launch and land a Water Kite!

• Water Kites LEI set up and take down.
• Safety Systems
• Introduction to harness
• Launch, Land and relaunch
• Self Rescue techniques
• Land lesson and theory (No wind require)

We know of many kiters that are pushed through lessons but never learn how to do a deep water self rescue (no touching bottom) and miss out on other basic info. We will cover landing and launching theory as well and go over what is coming up for PBK3 while saving the best wind days to get on the water.

Get an idea of PBK2 here and the size of the kite.

3hrs Get on the Water and up on the Board!
Private One on One Only for safety reasons. (One on One for safety reasons)

PBK Lessons are very popular. Customers rely on PBK to show them how to use the gear they purchased from us, so we reserve the best weather days for them.
Contact PBK to plan out your Kiteboarding Gear and be ready in time to for Kiteboarding. *Planning gear and lessons ahead is best! I teach at various locations in Toronto at Cherry and Woodbine Beach. PBK gives our (Kiteboarding Kite Gear Package Customers) the support I didn't get when we started Kiteboarding. That's why I founded PBK. Sharing the Dream since 2004

If you want to learn Kiteboarding on your own, you can purchase the Ozone Ignition Trainer.  

Get an idea of a Customer that completed PBK3 and now riding on his own at Woodbine Beach.

Fine Tuning and Improving your skills
Improve your Skills or just that extra help that you feel you need
• How to edge your Skis/Board
• How to kite upwind
• Advanced Turns

Reserved PBK gear Customers. PBK is loyal to Customers!
Here is an example of Paul from PBK doing freestyle on the Ozone Frenzy 11m
We can give you guidelines on how to improve your skills.

You can add on to the lesson for $140 hr after 3hrs.
Perhaps you'd like to go over some information, ride a little longer or cover more questions that you may have, if time permits.

Here you can see my Skill level kiting kilometers away from Cherry Beach in Toronto
Kiting can be fantastic in Toronto with the right knowledge and skill.

3hrs Kite with a Pro (PBK Paul)

Saving the best wind days for PBK Customers to help them progress faster than ever. Learn new tricks and kite with a Pro to help get you to your next level.

Advanced lessons... boosting or jumping... front rolls, back rolls, kite loops! Whatever you'd like to learn.

This lesson is suited to those who would like to spend more time at each level with Paul, our lead instructor, to learn specific techniques, ie:

Staying upwind, jumping, Jybing (etc).
Kite with a Pro is also great to introduce you to the ins and outs of new kiting location from an advanced kiters point of view....

PBK can help pin point any bad habit you may have and cut the learning curve....

- Advanced Lessons
- Boosting High
- Front Rolls
- Back Rolls, Kite Loops
- Blind Side Riding
- Dark Side Slides

2.5hrs Spot Intro Lesson

Currently open to all. Catering to busy professionals with limited time to keep up on weather.

4 Max (No Kiting. Just Beach Intro)
Learn the ins and outs of Local Kiteboarding Locations that we ride in.
Find out where the best part to launch and land is and safety info
about a particular location you want to kite.
Snowkiting Question Mark
+*This lesson is suited to those who would like to be introduced to a particular Kite Spot.

We can let you the Pros and Cons of a particular site we've Kited at. Including best wind direction and other important information gained from kiting at an advanced level over the years. It is very important to know your spot well. Save your trial and errors and learn from someone who has been there. You kite at your own risk. Guidelines Only.

1hr  Where to go Today?

$160hr +hst each set of 4 Credits  1 per Call to PBK.

Due to popular demand and many calls and requests, PBK added PBK 7 to Services.

I have been driving and kiting at many places in Southern Ontario. Do you want to know where we would go on a given day? Maybe you just want to go watch, get an idea of the conditions or maybe you plan to kite... Always at your Own Risk wind or no wind. After Signing up with PBK, your Kite Coach. You can use a Credit by texting or e-maiing or calling Paul to know the best place to go
Snowkiting Question Mark

3hr Lone Kiter? Don't want to kite alone.

Don't want to Kite Alone? Not sure where and when to go... I like to help my Customers by planning out a 3hr session and kite with you while keeping an eye out. Maybe help launch and land your kite and pick up your board if needed.
Some Customers - Students find they just want that extra support if required.
Let's go Ride!

1hr PBK Technical Support. I can help with 18 years Repair and design experience.

Are you having Technical problems with your Gear? Your kite doesn't feel right? Or maybe you're not sure about your line lenght. PBK 9 is for you. Years of experience can help with knowledgeable tips and hints.