Aboards X-Series 141 x 43cm

Aboards X-Series 141 x 43cm | Kiteboard | Kiteboarding Kitesurfing

Riding features of X-series:
freestyle riding
massive pop
high maneuverability
dynamic rocker
medium flex
regular and extra widened stance
compatibility with wake bindings
Technology features of X-series:
bottom hydrodynamic stabilizers for control and stability
combined core with anti-stress stringers
rocker and shape customized for powered moves and pop
3-stage flex zones
multidirectional flex tips
tunnel concave bottom deck
reinforced bumper rails
snowboard base technology durable
bottom sheet
durable anti-scratch top & base cover
Aboards X-Series 141 x 43cm
Aboards X-Series 141 x 43cm
Aboards X-Series 141 x 43cm
Rocker, bottom shape and medium flex will provide comfort riding also in chop and waves. Manufacturing with snowboard technology together with progressive durable materials will reliably protect board even if it happens to ride out on rocky shore or other unfriendly terrain. Bright design will make board visible even in twilight and will make you noticeable not only in water but on beach as well. X-series is constructed for freestyle riders who are looking for kiteboard who will provoke on stylish and beauteous riding, improving and perfecting more and more new tricks!
X-series is the highest performance freestyle kiteboard. The best features from previous models in combination with new construction core, rocker and outline will serve great for dedicated freestyle riders who want to make various tricks easily; in the same time board also will be excellent companion for those who are just learning new tricks and looking for fast progress as unhooked as hooked riding. Board's outline provides maneuverability and speed, while rocker ensures good planing and perfect balance between pop and upwind ability. Massive pop and compatibility with wake bindings look in the direction of wakestyle as well.
Aboards X-Series 141 x 43cm
Aboards X-Series 141 x 43cm