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HQ Rush Pro 250 2.5m Trainer Kite

HQ RUSH PRO 250 300 350 2.5m 3.0m 3.5m Trainer Kite Kiteboarding Kite Surfing Snowkiting Trainer

Trainer Kite SIZES
2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5
HQ Rush Pro 250 2.5m Trainer Kite
HQ Rush Pro 250 2.5m Trainer Kite
At PBK Kite Includes Control Bar/Lines
Ready to fly!
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You are looking for a kite that meets all the requirements of a real power kite? A full performance offers, controllable and extremely robust thanks to a sophisticated chamber system? Our Rush Pro range of trainer kites has been designed to meet these needs.
With the Rush Pro you learn to handle kites safely and with the effective 3rd-Line-Safety you are always in control of the situation. A good control is the most important thing for trainer kites. We want you to reach your next level safely.
HQ Rush Pro 250 2.5m Trainer Kite
Extremely robust cell structure
Third line for optimum safety and reliable reverse start
Ready to fly on a leash
Reduced scale for less drag
Good light wind properties
Sleek HQ4 bag with straps
Control Bar
Trainer Kite Guide
Safety system (hand leash)