Ozone Iginition V3

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PBK can ship this Trainer to you anywhere in Canada or the USA. As well, Paul can provide lessons over the phone if you are unable to make it to Toronto.

The 3 Line Universal Trainer Kite is back!
After listening to feedback from our customers we have decided to bring back the Ignition model as our Universal Trainer Kite.

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Ignition V3
Trainer Kite SIZES
1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0
Ozone Iginition V2 Woman holding bar
PBK1 Training Woodbone Beach Green 2.5
We have completely redesigned the Ignition V3 to make it even easier to fly and progress with. It launches off the ground easier and flies for longer even when the winds are getting light, with less tendency to back stall. This has improved stability at both the zenith and edge of the wind window. The V3 is more reactive than the V2 and has lighter steering forces on the bar which are another selling point for children and beginners with no previous kite experience.

The Ignition is available in 1.5m 2.0m 2.5m and 3.0m. and comes in Blue, Orange and Green with white tips.

Designed to bring out the kiter within everyone, the Ozone  Ignition V3 trainer kite is responsive, smooth and stable with enough power to ensure you’ll be ready to progress safely and with ease.

The IgnitionV3 features our market leading Internal Landing and Re-Launch System that was developed for our Snowkite range.
PBK1 Training Woodbine Beach Green 2.5
We recommend the 2m or 2.5m for the best balance of performance and power - go smaller in high wind locations or choose a bigger size in light wind areas.

Whatever your age or kiting ambitions, Ozone’s Ignition Kitesurf Trainer is the perfect power kite to get you started in the most exciting new sport on the planet. Children should use the 1.5m size in winds less than 10mph and always be under careful adult supervision.
Ignition V3
This unique system combined with the Wrist Leash gives you the ability to safely land the Ignition trainer by yourself, and guarantees easy re-launch. If you feel too much power or are ever unsure all you have to do is let go of the bar, the kite will land automatically with minimal power until you are ready to re-launch.
PBK1 Training Woodbine Beach Blue 3.0