Lahoma WInds Wind Hawk
Lahoma Winds | Wing Hawk

Lahoma Winds | Wing Hawk | Wing Foiling Wind Surfing Inflatable SUP

Wind Hawk Sizes
5'1" / 5'3" / 5'5"
F-One Strike 2.8m 3.5m 4.2m 5m
Blue shown as sample shot. All Lahoma foils are now Black.

Inflatable Kite Surfing Board Sup Hydrofoil Wing Inflatable foil sup Canada!

Welcome to Lahoma Winds Canada. Located in Toronto Ontario Canada. Ships to all Provinces. Stand up paddle boarding is addictive and such a fun activity for people of all ages. It targets almost every muscle in your body and provides a great workout while having a total blast spending time outdoors on the water.

Lahoma Wind Hawk Sizes:

1. Length: 5'5 / 165 cm, Width: 29.5''/ 75 cm, Volume: 140 Liters, Weight: 7.6 kg, Recommended Riders Weight: 90-180 kg

2. Length: 5'3 / 160 cm, Width: 27.5''/ 70 cm, thickness 5''/12cm,Volume: 110 Liters, Weight: 7.0 kg, Recommended Riders Weight: 50-100 kg

3. Length: 5'1 / 155 cm, Width: 27.5''/ 70 cm, thickness 4''/10cm, Volume: 85 Liters, Weight: 6.6 kg, Recommended Riders Weight: 50-90 kg
Lahoma Winds | Wing Hawk
Compact Design for Canada. Easy Travel
1. Compact and convenient: This board hydrofoil can be deflated and stored in their carry bag. They can then be easily transported in the trunk of your vehicle, taken on an airplane, boat or RV.
Comes with a Pump and Leash. Many boards do not come with a leash and have to be purchased separately.
2. The Lahoma Wind Hawk Inflatable Wingfoiling board is Lightweight: It can easily be carried by one person using only one arm and comes with it's own bag with shoulder straps.

3. Durable and strong: You may be surprised at how rugged and strong these boards are. They are nearly indestructible and totally ding proof. Tears and leaks can happen but if you are conscious of not dropping your board on a nail or paddling over sharp objects, then it ,should last you a very long time with little wear and tear.
Lahoma Winds | Wing Hawk
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