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Used Taaroa Sword 2 Hydrofoil Foilboard Complete! Only 1 Left. Beginner to Pro
For All Conditions Full Carbon Ligtweight and Strongest
C 2016
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Pack foil Sword 2 + board Taaroa Addict carbon
1 x Sword 2 freerace Boitier-Pro box Front wing-57 cm ( wind 18 - 45 knots )
Foil Sword 2 is the top of the range and high performance model of the TAAROA range. This kitefoil is characterised around three axes: Performance, Stability and Versatility.
1 x Board Addict Carbon by Taaroa
The Addict board "Full Carbon" by Taaroa is the best choice for pro riders. Its shape makes navigating comfortable and facilitates transitions