Lahoma Winds | Dream Catcher 5m
Lahoma Winds | Dream Catcher 5m

Lahoma Winds | Dream Catcher 5m | Inflatable Wing | Wing Foiling Wind Surfing Inflatable Wing

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Lahoma Winds | Dream Catcher 5m

Inflatable Kite Surfing Board Sup Hydrofoil Wing Inflatable foil sup Canada!

Welcome to Lahoma Winds Canada. Located in Toronto Ontario Canada. Ships to all Provinces. There is no Surprise cost since you are purchasing in Canada. The kite wing has been designed and test for a fresh and exciting way to fly and can supply power for anything which is easily from surf snow and land.

You can use your new Dream Catcher with yourSUP, Windsurfer, Sailboard, Foilboard, Skis or Snowboard or Landboard. Easy to set up and lots of fun!
Size Package Weight
4.2m 30x30x25cm 2.1kg
5m 30x30x25cm 2.7kg

The Dream Catcher 5m also comes with a Napsack Bag and Wing Leash.

The Lahoma Dream Catcher 5m is fabricated with the highest quality material, including Tejiin Canopy 3x Ripstop. The Leading Edge is of high Quality Dacron which creates and very stiff structure similar to inflatable kites. has you covered with the best support! We can quote for Wing Foiling Lessons of Wing Repairs if ever needed. 

Also have a look at the Lahoma WInds Wind Hawk Inflatable Board in Canada for use with your Dream Catcher Wing.

Wind Hawk Compact Design. Easy Travel
Lahoma Winds | Wing Hawk
1. Compact and convenient: This board hydrofoil can be deflated and stored in their carry bag. They can then be easily transported in the trunk of your vehicle, taken on an airplane, boat or RV.
Comes with a Pump and Leash. Many boards do not come with a leash and have to be purchased separately.
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