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PBK S1 to PBK S8

2.5hrs Fly a trainer on the snow or beach Toronto 4 students max. Save $20  each 2 or more.
Start PBK S1 anytime on the trainer in Toronto

Most likely to take place at in Toronto or with snow and ice at Keswick on Lake Simcoe

* Fly a Trainer Kite: For students who have taken

PBK S1 (FTT) Fast Track Training
  • Introduction to snowkiting.
  • Basic safety rules and common sense,
    Acceptable behavior
  • Terminology & correct kite setup
  • Understanding the "wind window"
  • Gaining control of the kite in the wind window,
  general kite flying, safe launching & landing.
PBK1 is the way to get started. Snowkiting is 80% kite flying and 20% board or ski skills. PBK theory and flying skills will help you move ahead faster and safer.

3hrs on skis or board 4 students max. Save $20 each 2 or more.
<< What it can be like? See the PBK Video below. All kites can be purchase at PBK!

• Prerequisite:
A well prepared student who has taken PBK1 and flown his trainer many hours

• Flying an Ozone Kite 7m & 11m during lessons

*Get set to fly a larger kite, more power! : If you are good skier or snowboarder. This may be enough to go on your own. S1-S2 can be done together. Inquire.
You also need to bring your skis or snowboard gear and helmet. Kites and harnesses are included with the lesson. PBK is the way to get going on your skis or board. We teach on Ozone foils, the highest quality snowkites you can get!
• Power kite training (Very Important: review smaller kite advance to slightly larger kite)
• Introduction to harness
• Progression to larger kites and board or skis if ready.
• Combining the kite and skis/board concept

3hrs S3 refresh your skills 4 students max. Save $20  each 2 or more.
Most likely to take place at Keswick on Lake Simcoe.

*Get a refresh of S2 if needed
• Self launching & self landing
• Perhaps try a snowboard if you only had skis for the S2 lessons
• Combining the kite and skis or board concept
PBK 3 can help those who would like to get a little more flying time and more skill with an instructor.
PBK Student, Brandon 12yrs, learning how to kite ski on this beautiful day.
PBK Customer, kite snowboarding, PBKS3!
Extra and Advanced Lessons to Improve your Skills Contact

3hrs fine tuning 4 Students Max Save $20  each 2 or more.
Improve your Skills
• How to edge your Skis/Board
• How to kite upwind
• Advanced Turns

PBK Paul on the Ozone Frenzy 7m
A fantastic snowkiting day at Keswick. Our main teaching location
Here is an example of Paul from PBK doing freestyle on the Ozone Frenzy 11m
We can give you guidelines on how to improve your skills.

3hrs private lessons per person 4 students max. Save $20  each 2 or more.

This lesson is suited to those who would like to spend more time and have completed PBK S1-2-3-4, own equipment purchased from PBK and want to learn specific techniques, ie: Staying upwind, jumping, advanced turns. etc. Kite with our lead Instructor paul and learn some of the moves you'd like to work on and get expert tips. We enjoy helping our Customers with their gear!

Advanced lessons... boosting or jumping... front rolls, back rolls, kite loops! Whatever you'd like to learn.

Where to go today? $140 +hst in, 8 Credits

Currently open to all. Catering to busy professionals with limited time to keep up on weather.

If you purchased your Kites from PBK:
If you didn't purchase you gear from PBK:
Payments due in advance...  by E-mail Money Transfer
Snowkiting Question Mark
+* Due to popular demand and many e-mails, calls and requests, we've added PBK S6 to our Services.

You can buy credits to get expert help from PBK. We have been driving and snowkiting many days . Do you want to know where we would go on a given day? Maybe you just want to watch kiters or maybe you plan to kite... Always at your Own Risk. After Signing up with PBK, your Kite Coach. You can use a Credit by e-mailing or calling us to find out if we would go kiting and where.

Just add in e-mail subject "PBK S6 Where to go Today" or mention it via voice message.
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3 hrs PBK Lone Kiter Catering to busy professionals who are not comfortable to kite alone.

+*Don't like to Kite Alone? Many don't, and it's safer with a buddy. Would you like to know the best place to go based on the weather? PBK lone kiter adventure session is for you.

We can organize a time, combine the best day and weather and meet you at the best spot. Due to popular demand, PBKS7 is for kiters that know how to kite or have taken lessons from PBK but don't want to kite alone. Customers who purchased gear from PBK are top priority. We value our Customers! We set up our specialty PBK launch and land area for a safer adventure.

Snowkiting Question Mark
Snowkiting Question Mark

3hr demo session 4 Students max. Save $20 each 2 or more.

(For those that want to try the latest snowkites)

We'll take the Time to:
• Set up the demo time
• Set up the kite
• Try a few kites

For kiters that want to get a feel for what they would like to purchase, or get a feel for kite sizes.

We fly a selection of kites, however not all are available to ride. Only for experienced kiters. See PBK S1-S2 for beginners.

• Add on $130 per hr for more time.
• Evaluate what might work best for you.

At PBK, we not only teach snowkiting. We sell the best snowkites! Ozones Snowkites! click below!
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